Flydigi Vader 2 bluetooth Wired Wireless Game Controller for PC Mobile Phone Television TV Box Six-axis Somatosensory Gyroscope




After booting, please do not upgrade the version, it is very important, it may cause some functions to be lost, you can use it directly, do not upgrade the version, thank you very much

Please note when placing an order:

1. The APP downloaded on the mobile phone and the computer are different

On mobile: Download Flydigi arcade

On PC: Download the Flydigi pc space station

2. It is recommended that you use Android 10 and above, and Android 6 and above are all supported, but with the running of the game, it is recommended to use a high Android system, and the native game can also be used directly via Bluetooth connection.

Apple ios13.4 and above systems, including 15 systems are not supported, it is recommended to use other suitable handles

3. Bluetooth is 4.0BLE, ultra-low power consumption, making the battery last longer. Feizhi adopts Logitech’s dedicated Bluetooth chip and has industry-leading Bluetooth technology. The delay is less than 6ms, so you can hardly feel the delay. The Bluetooth is 4.0BLE for smooth gaming, and the ultra-low power consumption makes the battery life longer. Feizhi uses Logitech’s dedicated Bluetooth chip, with industry-leading Bluetooth technology, with a delay of less than 6ms, allowing you to feel almost no delay and play games smoothly

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After the handle is turned on, press and hold select start at the same time, and press the right joystick to press which key, press it until the indicator light flashes red, at this time the handle enters a transition state of calibration, first lay it flat on the desktop, lay it flat Three seconds, the calibration of the somatosensory number is 123 seconds, the calibration is completed, push the joystick to the end,

Then slowly turn it twice, this is the calibration joystick, and then press the LT and RT keys twice, press the bottom to calibrate our linear keys, this time the calibration is complete. There are also three keys pressed down on the right joystick and pressed at the same time, This indicator indicates that our calibration is complete


Support wired, wireless 2.4G, Bluetooth multi-mode connection

Support equipment: computer, mobile phone, TV, TV Box

Somatosensory control, fine aiming

Multi-mode support PC, TV, Mobile Phone, Cloud game

Metal rocker ring, wear-resistant and removable

The four back button can be customized to map other key values, and you can also set bursts and continuous macros

Somatosensory control, built-in six-axis gyroscope, based on FlymappingTM mapping technology to convert somatosensory actions into various handle key values

Metal ring + POM piece, detachable Japanese ALPS gaming-grade rocker, reconsidered POM piece and metal steel ring to reduce friction. The position is more flexible and the viewing angle control is easier

Linear trigger, asymmetrical motor

RGB custom multi-mode colorful backlight

Working current: <15mA

Standby current:

Battery life with wireless connection:> 40 hours

Battery capacity: 650mAh

Charging time: 3-4h

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging current: 500mA

Handle size: 155 x 104 x 64 mm


Don’t support for iOS 13.4 and above system

Package Included:

1 x Flydigi Vader 2 Game Controller

1 x 2.4G Receiver

1 x USB Cable

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Flydigi Vader 2 bluetooth Wired

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